About Canadian Meds World

Canadian Meds World is an Online Pharmacy that sells generic drugs worldwide at much lower prices compared to your local drug store.

Why are the product prices so cheap?

Canadian Meds World does not spend money on marketing or pharmacy real estate. Generic products are sold instead of expensive brands like Viagra or Cialis which in fact are Sildenafil respectively, Tadalafil. No government sale taxes are charged to the end buyer (you) because the product comes into the country unregistered. The manufactuting partners are located in geographically offshore zones.

What do you mean by Generic products?

Generic means using different names (mostly the main compound name) for products that have the same ingredients in order to avoid copyrights or trademarks. Our Canadian pharmaceutical manufacturers use the exact same chemical formula for drugs as imposed by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. For example, Viagra is the popular marketing brand name used by the ones who also discovered it’s formula – Pfizer. The drug is actually called Sildenafil Citrate and can be produced much cheaper than Pfizer is selling it for. Licensed by the Canadian Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Ontario. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact the public relations department at 610 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5G 1A4, Canada.